Mahindra First Choice Wheels Warranty on Pre-owned Cars

Every Mahindra First Choice Wheels certified pre-owned car comes with a 1-year/ 15,000 kms warranty (available at attractive prices). The warranty is backed up by a "24X7" Road Side Assistance Program meant exclusively for the customers of Mahindra First Choice Wheels.

  • What is covered in the warranty?
  • It covers Engine, Manual Gear Box, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Axle, Propeller Shaft, Suspension, Steering, Clutch, Breaking system, Diesel Injection System except for standard maintenance items, body, glass and interiors. This Warranty is mechanical breakdown coverage. If any of the covered parts break down, then for a period of 365 days from the date of Vehicle purchase, Mahindra First Choice Wheels will repair or replace any such part(s) at no charge. Mechanical breakdown coverage applies to the covered parts only.

  • What are the benefits of this warranty?
  • Mahindra First Choice Wheels follows a stringent 118 point check to ensure the quality standard of every certified car and offers warranty to take care of unforeseen failure of engine & many other expensive parts over a limited period of time. For a hassle-free ownership experience and complete peace of mind, we recommend you to choose the warranty cards.
Important features of Mahindra First Choice Wheels warranty

  • Most of models are covered under warranty.
  • Most expensive parts - Engine, Manual Gear Box, Front Wheel Drive, Rear Axle, Propeller Shaft, Suspension, Steering, Clutch, Breaking system, Diesel Injection System are covered.
  • Warranty is available on petrol as well on diesel cars with few conditions.
Warranty Policy

Warranty will not be applicable on specific models such as Tata Sumo, Tata Safari, Toyota Qualis, old models of Tata Indica, Opel Corsa, Opel Astra, Fiat Palio, Fiat Siena, Hyundai Sonata, Mercedes and any Daewoo products.
  • Warranty will not be applicable to any car manufactured outside India.
  • Warranty will be in accordance with the terms & conditions mentioned here.
  • Warranty will not be applicable to the vehicles which are more than seven years old on the date of delivery from the date of first registration.
  • Warranty will not be applicable to petrol driven vehicles which have covered more than 70,000 kms on the date of delivery.
  • Warranty will not be applicable to diesel driven vehicles which have covered more than 45,000 kms on the date of delivery.
Scope of Warranty Coverage

Customer must notify the failure of a covered part to Mahindra First Choice Wheels within the warranty period . Repairs will be made with parts of like kind and quality. It is expressly understood that replacement parts and/or components need not be new, but may be used or rebuilt, which will be guaranteed serviceable. Please note that the replacement part(s) and/or component(s) need not be new, but may be used or rebuilt. A "breakdown" or "mechanical breakdown" refers to the failure of any original or like replacement part covered by this warranty to work as it was designed to under normal circumstances.

However, reduced operation or reduced performance due to normal wear and tear shall not be considered a breakdown within the purview of this warranty. Also, this warranty does not constitute a written affirmation of fact or promise by Mahindra First Choice Wheels that the material or workmanship of the vehicle, or any parts thereof, are free of any defects or will meet a specified level of performance over a specified period of time.

The terms and conditions of this warranty policy cannot be altered or amended by any person at our store / Franchisee/ Agent / Employee of Mahindra First Choice Wheels Limited. Also no one is authorized to make any verbal warranty on behalf of MFCWL.

Parts Covered

Engine : Oil Pump, Drive Crankshaft, Big End and Main Bearings, Connecting Rod, Gudgeon Pin,, Piston, Valves (excluding burnet and pitted valves), Cylinder Head, Cylinder Head Gasket, Water Pump (failure due to external damage or corrosion is not covered), Inlet and Exhaust Manifolds, Radiator (No corrosion & external Damage), Flywheel and Ring Gear, Timing Belt, Gear & Chains, Camshaft, Cam Follower, Valve Gear, Distributor Drive, Bore / Liner, Turbo, Intercooler Units (if factory fitted).

Manual Gear Box : Internal Gear, Shafts, Synchromesh Rings and Hub, Selector Forks, Bushes, Drive Chains, Gear Lever and Bushes.

Front Wheel Drive : Crown Wheel and Pinion, Differential Gears, Constant Velocity Joints & Drive Shafts, Hub and Hub Bearing, Drive Flange.

Rear Axle : Crown Wheel and Pinion, Differential Units, Shafts and Bearings.

Propeller Shaft :Shaft, Universal Joints, Centre Bearing.

Suspension & Steering : Upper and Lower Wishbones and Arms, Wheel Bearing, Rack & Pinion, Steering Box, Steering Column, Power Steering Pump, Pressure pipe.

Braking System : Master Cylinder, Brake Servo Unit, Brake Booster, Diesel – Vacuum, Pump, Wheel Cylinder, handbrake lever and ratchet.

Fuel System : Mechanical And Electrical Fuel Pumps.

Diesel Injection System : Injection Pump, Glow Plugs and Electromagnetic Cut - off.

Clutch :Master & Slave Cylinders.


ECM modules; timing belt, all other components and assemblies other than the list given above are excluded. Paint work, bodywork, body molding, aperture seals, water entry into vehicle, corrosion of any part of the body, glass lenses and interior trim, Fuel and additives. Sound, vibrations, body noise all part pertaining to A C Exhaust system.

Terms and Conditions of Policy

  • This warranty does not cover anything else except the parts covered under the list given above.
  • This warranty will not apply in the cases of damage or mechanical failure resulting from accident or extra-ordinary usage such as car racing or rallies.
  • This warranty does not cover normal maintenance services such as, cleaning & polishing, injector cleaning, engine decarbonising, engine tuning, valve clearance, oil / fluid changes, filter replacement, fastener retightening, adjustments of doors, brake and clutch, wheel balancing, wheel alignment, tyre rotation head lamp alignment etc.
  • This warranty does not cover replacement of parts as a result of normal wear and tear, ageing, such as spark plugs, belts, brake shoes, brake discs, clutch disc / pressure plate, filters, wiper blades, bulbs, fuses, brushes, hoses, tyre, tube, battery, audio system, catalytic converter, silencer, exhaust pipe. Wiring, electrical rubber items & mountings.
  • The warranty will not apply to the parts or device, or accessories which were not designed and fitted with the vehicle originally such as LPG / CNG kit.
  • The warranty does not cover losses or damages due to accidents & natural calamities.
  • No liability will be accepted for any losses covered under an accidental damage, road hazard, fire, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves, volcanic eruptions, bad weather, theft or attempted theft, collision, or other Acts of God.
  • This warranty does not cover mechanical or electrical breakdown due to short circuiting or self-heating.
  • No liability of any kind exists in respect of third party.
  • Failure to maintain the odometer in working order or disconnecting or tampering with it will invalidate the warranty.
  • The warranty will not be valid if the vehicle is used as a taxi or a tourist vehicle.
  • Even in case of repair under warranty, the warranty will be valid only till the remaining period.
  • No liability will be accepted under this warranty for mechanical breakdown caused by customer negligence or ignorance such as:
    • Poor quality or insufficient quantity of fuel, fluids or lubricants.
    • Lack of servicing of vehicle in accordance with the manufacturer’s & the company’s warranty service policy.
    • Driving even after a fault or defect has been noticed by the owner resulting in consequential damage and loss.
    • Ignoring irregularities (such as slight noise or vibrations, fluid seep, overheating & freezing) that may affect the quality or functioning of the vehicle or parts.
    • Failure on account of incorrect fitment of the parts or an inaccurate previous repair of items considered characteristic of the vehicle, tampering or improper repair.
  • This warranty does not cover damage or loss due to improper handling, misuse such as dismantling, fitting, adjustment, repair, alteration or modification, racing, competition, overloading, riding over the clutch not approved by the manufacturer or company.
  • This warranty does not cover parts or parts/components that have been assembled, disassembled, adjusted or repaired by anywhere other than the authorized workshops of vehicle manufacturer or MFCSL authorised service center.
  • This warranty does not cover additional parts and extra fittings and the loss or damage caused by them.
  • Fraudulent act of owner or a driver will render the warranty null and void.
  • No liability will be accepted for any complaints accruing from denting, painting, moldings, water seepage into the vehicle, corrosion of any part of the body, glass, lenses and interior trims.
  • Lack of serving in accordance with manufacture’s recommendation and that of the company, accident, bad weather, fire, theft, collision, riot, freezing or heat, improper repair or servicing, fitting of spurious parts, unauthorized modifications, casual part not covered under warranty and consequential damage has occurred on parts which are covered under warranty, part still under manufacturer as defective in design subject to recall by manufacturer for replacement or resulting from defect or error in design or manufacture of the vehicle, tempered odometer, vehicle pre-owned in any sort of competition.

    • Mechanical & /or electrical breakdown due to accidental external visible means, overloading or strain, over running, freezing, excessive pressure, shot circuiting & / or self heating. Improper handling, dismantling, fitting, adjustment, repair, alteration or modification not approved by the manufacture and / or authorized agent of the Manufacturer or use of such Vehicle contrary to the directive or operating instructions manual of the maker/manufacturer and or agents of the Manufacturer or any Vehicle or parts that have been assembled disassembled adjusted or repaired by anybody other than the manufacturer authorized repairers/dealers.
    • For Failure on account of incorrect fitment of the parts or any effect of an inaccurate previous repair
    • The company liability will be subject to the limits indicated within this document.
    • The Warranty has no surrender value and it cannot be enchased.
    • Warranty will become null and void incase the vehicle is allowed to ply even after an apparent fault/defect has been noticed by the owner resulting in consequential damages.
    • The warranty shall be applicable only from the date of delivery to the warranty ending date.
    • Warranty is not applicable untill and unless owner or victim has due in accounts of M.A.Motors Pvt Ltd
    • Any repairs carried out during the warranty period will have the warranty only till the remaining period of the warranty.
    • Non disclosure can lead to policies being made void or claims being rejected
    • The terms and conditions of the policy cannot be altered or amended.
Warranty Obligations

The Company’s liability under this warranty is dependent upon the strict observance of the terms and conditions of this warranty contract by the owner. MFCWL reserves the right for the final decision in all warranty matters.

Warranty Service Policy

The owner must have the vehicle under warranty serviced at his own cost as per the schedule given below either at the Workshops of Mahindra First Choice Services Ltd (MFCSL) or Authorized Workshops of the vehicle manufacturer. For warranty assistance you can dial our toll free No. 1800 102 4800.

1st Service 3 months from the date of delivery or 5,000 kms., whichever is earlier
2nd Service 6 months from the date of delivery or 10,000 kms., whichever is earlier
3rd Service 9 months from the date of delivery or 15,000 kms., whichever is earlier
  • To obtain service under warranty the complete vehicle must be presented at the owner’s expense to any of above mentioned workshops.
  • Each service must be availed within the specified given time limit failing which the validity of warranty gets automatically cancelled.
  • Each service in the warranty period must necessarily be carried out as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Engine oil change is must in all services
  • To ensure validity of warranty, all services must be carried out within specified time with oil and filter change. Else, warranty claim will become invalid.
  • At the time of warranty claim, customer must provide the original service records / original bills of all servicing, oil changes and any other maintenance carried out during the warranty period.
Warranty Claim Process

  • At the time of sale of the vehicle, the Owner will be provided with a kit comprising of :
    • Commitment Card (duly activated).
    • Warranty terms & conditions.
    • Document carry bag
  • In case of a claim, the owner shall report at the MFCWL Store / franchisee from where the vehicle was purchased, along with the following documents:
    • Claim Form duly signed by the owner
    • Ownership book
    • Vehicle operation manual
    • Warranty Card
    • All Original Warranty Service Record